MENA – a region with logistics potential?

Each year Transport Intelligence publishes around 10 market reports and 2014 is set to be no different.

Amongst these 10 we will of course be publishing our yearly reports focussed on the Contract Logistics, Freight Forwarding and Express markets as well as a number of other familiar publications such as Chemical, Automotive and e-commerce logistics. However, as well as contributing to these, during 2014 I also have the privilege of being involved in the creation of a number of regional reports covering the major themes and issues that have an effect on the transport and logistics market.

The first of these reports scheduled for 2014 is currently in the planning stages here at Ti HQ and is focused on the Middle East and North Africa region. The team has been exploring ideas to be tackled in the construction of the report, a number of which have led to a series of interesting debates. e- and m-commerce, for example, have caused a stir.

Back in the days of internet dial up it would have been almost impossible for me to imagine exactly how invested we would become on internet retailing. Now, consumers (myself included) expect a smooth and faultless experience from purchase to delivery. Exactly how the supply chain reacts and keeps up with the evolving demands of the consumer will be a major consideration for all involved through 2014 and beyond. Whether it’s getting items delivered to your office or Amazon dropping them via drone – change is coming!

In Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, our demands are continually rising over the speed and cost of the delivery of our purchases, and so surely it would seem a logical theme to address in a regional report. However, whilst there will of course have been impacts on the logistics market, how likely is this to actually change the dynamics of the region’s logistics as a whole?

The ‘region as a whole’ itself sparked lively discussions – how is it possible to even compare the contrasting logistics markets of the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Egypt with their varying economies and primary exports.

All of these issues will continue to be debated, and researched and then debated some more as we continue to build this report. In addition, during 2014 Transport Intelligence will be running a conference in Dubai where we intend to host a session discussing e-commerce in the region, so please, watch this space.

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4 thoughts on “MENA – a region with logistics potential?

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