You know the name Transport Intelligence but can’t quite put your finger on how?

 If you are involved in the logistics or transportation industry you have probably, at some point, come across a Transport Intelligence (Ti) brief or news item. Sometimes you may have even done this without realising it was a Ti article or Ti information you were reading.

Many briefs and pieces of company research find their way in to major news publications. A couple of good examples for you would be ‘The writing on the wall is in Japanese’ in The Times (6th May 2013) and Senior Analyst Thomas Cullen’s contribution to the Financial Times ‘Delivery options fail to click with buyers’ (20th December 2013).

There are other occasions where our data is used by another outlet to create something entirely different. An example of this is the recent infographic response from the Washington Post on the news Amazon was looking in to drone delivery ‘How Amazon plans to deliver your stuff in 2018’ (3rd December 2013).

Frequently, senior team members and analysts from Ti will be contacted by various outlets or publications and asked to provide their own opinion piece on some industry development or breaking news. An example you might like to check out if e-commerce is an interest to you is Cathy Roberson’s article in the CIO Review technology special ‘Growth of Ecommerce sparks creative IT solutions’ (4th December 2013).

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To check out a full and comprehensive list of Transport Intelligence in the media take a look at the Media Coverage section of the website here.

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