Transport Intelligence’s vast and varied coverage of Healthcare Logistics

The coming few months at Ti are going to be busy, there are no two ways about that. The teams here will not only be working on the Middle East and North Africa Transport and Logistics report as mentioned in last week’s blog (MENA – a region for logistics development?), but will also be completing the 2014 edition of Global Express and Parcels, a report that provides a comprehensive overview of the Global Parcels industry, its development and prospects for the future. In addition to this, we will also be redeveloping Ti’s 2012 Global Pharmaceutical Logistics report with new focuses and under a new title, Global Healthcare Logistics 2014.

Cathy Roberson, a senior analyst for Ti, will be the main author of this report. Having written the previous version of this report, Cathy will be able to provide an overview as well as insight into specific areas of the industry that have developed and those which are continuing to develop.

I have arranged to interview Cathy next week and provide you with a preview of what we can expect to see within this report – so be sure to check back for the exclusive!

In the meantime, I encourage you to explore Cathy’s repertoire of healthcare logistics blogs and briefs from the past year which are vast and varied, much like the industry itself. A handful of titles include:

A personal favourite brief of mine had the somewhat provocative title, ‘Is the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain set to be Revolutionized?’ (28/03/2013). Within the brief, which was written towards the end of March 2013, Cathy reviews the US$400bn Alliance Boots and AmerisourceBergen 10-year agreement and explores the reasons behind such agreements. In addition, she highlights the potential prospects that could result from such cooperation.

The most recent of Cathy’s healthcare briefs broached the topic of whether ‘Growing Demand for Healthcare Necessitates Better Logistics’ (23/01/2014). One area of focus within the brief is the impact of the growing middle class population on the size of the healthcare industry and the consequential effect this has on the logistics industry; a theme that I suspect may be developed upon within Global Healthcare Logistics – check back next week to find out!

Cathy contributes to our Logistics Briefing on a regular basis, so please sign up to Ti’s free Logistics Briefing service to be able to access these first hand. Please do also, check back to Ti’s blog next week to find out more about the Global Healthcare Logistics report.


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