Toll – The ‘all logistics’ company

As a researcher here at Transport Intelligence I am responsible for updating our Global Supply Chain Intelligence (GSCi) portal. One of the great things about GSCi is that it allows you to find out all the facts you need to know about a company with just a few clicks of a button. More than 600 logistics providers are profiled on GSCi, one of which is Toll.

For those of you unfamiliar with the company, Toll Group is Australia’s largest transport and logistics company and has a huge presence throughout the Asia Pacific in general, with revenues of around US$8bn a year. It’s fair to say they’re a global contract logistics provider and freight forwarder, one of the biggest express companies in Australia and the most important provider to the resources sector in Australia.

But as I was researching the company, the thing that stood out to me was the vast range of services and sectors they operate in. Here are 10 things that Toll have done that you may not have known about:

  • Helicopter logistics! – including search and rescue missions, aerial fire-fighting and covert policing operations
  • Run offshore supply bases in Singapore and Thailand that support the oil & gas sector
  • Supply peacekeeping forces in Central Africa with fuel
  • Manage a fleet of around 80 shipping vessels as well as six terminals in Australia and two in Singapore
  • Chemical logistics including cyanide transportation in Australia and Papua New Guinea
  • Competing with the dominant Australia Post (market share of around 80%!) in the online B2C express market (Toll has a 7% share but that’s certainly growing)
  • Automotive logistics including a 50:50 joint venture named Prixcar with Japanese car shipper K-Line (another company profiled on GSCi)
  • Assist the US army in the disposal of WW2 chemical weapons in the Solomon Islands
  • Provide air logistics to the Australian Defence Force in East Timor and the Solomon Islands
  • Manage over 28,000 relocations and 32,000 removals for more than 270 government and private sector organisations every year.

How many logistics providers can say they do all that?

Well, if you wanted to know the answer, you could use GSCi to find out.

We’ve worked hard to make GSCi as user-friendly as possible. If you wanted to know which companies offer similar services across Asia Pacific, then go to the Asia Pacific region’s profile – a part of GSCi that compiles all of Ti’s data on the region. If you wanted to know which providers offer similar oil & gas logistics services, then head over to the Oil & Gas vertical sector page. If you wanted to know who Toll’s main domestic competitors are, then just look at the Australia country profile or Ti’s ranking of the Top 10 Contract Logistics Providers in Asia Pacific.

To find out more about the portal and its capabilities, click here


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