MENA Transport and Logistics – Progress Report

Goodness me, what a busy week here at Transport Intelligence! All of a sudden we have made huge headway with our Middle East and North Africa Transport and Logistics (MENAT&L) report. Our offices are abuzz with interesting insights into the region.

In my previous blog, you may recall I raised a query about how it was possible to compare the countries in the region. Since then we have decided to take a rather interesting approach by categorising the MENA countries into three zones, the War, Growth and Money zones. The countries in these zones are presented in our newest infographic, as created by our Graphic Design Team!

Two of our researchers (and bloggers, Alex Le Roy and Michael Clover) have been contributing their research skills to this report and have been gathering and analysing data for the country profiles section of the report. More information on which countries will be highlighted can also be found in the infographic.

The infographic is great for providing a sneak preview into some of the content of the report, so I thought I may also offer up a little personal insight from Alex and Michael about what they have found particularly interesting during their research.

Alex (also author of this blog) has been researching Iraq most recently, he explains:

“As my academic background was based upon international relations, I spent some time studying the country in a political and economic sense, and so the development of Iraq’s economy over the past two years in particular has been of great interest to me. There is a case to be made for Iraq to be included in the ‘growth zone’ category, however, there are political and security implications that preclude this from being the case.”

Michael on the other hand has been researching Oman and has found the state of the infrastructure of the country particularly interesting. He said:

“Oman’s air infrastructure is highly concentrated at just a few locations, principally at Muscat and Salalah, and becoming ever more so. While the country has over 130 airstrips no more than a dozen can boast paved runways.”

Both Alex and Michael have also been discussing the GDP, import and export trade data and the country’s rankings within the Agility Emerging Index – all in all, in-depth country profiles will be a great feature of this report.

The MENAT&L report’s main author, and Senior Analyst for Ti, Thomas Cullen has also been hard at work and has been utilising the Top 10s feature of GSCi whilst analysing the position of Middle East and North Africa infrastructure in relation to other regions.

Thomas has written a number of in depth reports about the logistics of various industries which will prove most interesting in this region specific report. Particularly as his two most recent reports were Global Chemical Logistics and Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Logistics – two industries which are highly relevant to this report!

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