A Ti take on MENA

Whilst presenting the coverage of Ti’s already public and free briefings about the logistics industry in the Middle East and North Africa region may not be the juiciest of blog topics, I find it to be a revealing task that highlights not only the capabilities of Ti, but also provides useful snippets into a region which, in our industry, has often been over-looked.

The last time we wrote a report specifically on the MENA region was in 2010 and the region has undergone significant investment and infrastructure development in the space of these four short years.

The author of the 2010 Middle East report, Rob Walter, Head of Research here at Ti, has been offering insight and guidance into the construction of the report to ensure that when possible we follow-up where he left off. For example, in the 2010 version we refer to Kuwait’s plans to develop a port on Bubiyan Island and the slow progress made in the region with only 2% of development completed since ground was broken two years earlier. In the 2014 report, lead author Thomas Cullen, Senior Analyst for Ti, explores more about the potential that this, and other developments, could have for the logistics industry in the region.

As well as continuing on from the previous MENA report, we also plan to explore other developments that affect the region, some of which we have covered in multiple news and brief items as published in our free Logistics Briefing, as well as a number of blog posts. Some of the most interesting headlines that may interest you include:

The coverage of the region is varied in terms of the industries, the countries and the markets that are covered. Which is why we already anticipate that the MENA report will be substantial in terms of the volume of available data and subsequent analysis. Information on some of the major themes that will be highlighted can also be found in last week’s infographic and blog post.

If, of course, the MENA region is not one that you are keen to learn more about, why not look more into Ti’s other regional reports: Asia Pacific Transport & Logistics 2013, European Road Freight 2013, Sub-Saharan Africa Logistics 2012 or indeed our 2013 e-commerce series on the Asia Pacific, North America and European regions.


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