European Supply Chain Day

Thursday 10th April, 2014 will not be an ordinary day for those of us in working in the logistics industry as the first-ever European Supply Chain Day will be taking place!

European Supply Chain Day

European Supply Chain Day

In a press release (23/01/2014), the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) Chief Executive Steve Agg explained, ‘European Supply Chain Day aims to raise awareness within the broader population of the value of logistics and supply chain activities in our everyday lives. A main focus will be with young people as we seek to inform them of the great career opportunities that exist within our profession.’

When I read the post a few weeks ago the line, ‘The value of logistics and supply chain activities in our everyday lives’ struck a chord with me. It is 9.50 on a Wednesday morning and already I have benefitted from the varying supply chains of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and chemical logistics – the ingredients for my breakfast and morning coffee(s) were sourced, stored, packaged, distributed and stored again. Similarly, the fuel for my car was extracted, refined, shipped, stored, trucked and pumped. When you put your mind to it, it is possible really begin to see the extent of logistics in your everyday life. What other examples of supply chains in your everyday-life can you explain to me? I digress – my point was that the sheer volume of ‘behind the scenes’ logistics that you will encounter on a daily basis is surely enough to highlight the potential career opportunities that are available.

You may, however, be thinking ‘But Lilith, I don’t have a container ship or a HGV license, nor do I live near any distribution centres or warehouses so this career path isn’t right for me!’ I too would have had the same thought process prior to beginning my career in the logistics industry, which is why as a media partner to CILT, Ti’s involvement in the European Supply Chain Day will explore the other aspects of careers in the logistics industry – sales, marketing, research, knowledge centres – and how opportunities in these fields are also available to you within logistics.

Over the next few weeks we shall be offering up a series of first-hand accounts from colleagues in the various departments within Ti (including a post from our CEO!!) to highlight the different career paths and give real-life examples of the opportunities that are available within the logistics industry.

Keep an eye out for these posts as well as announcements on Twitter (@transportintell) of other ways in which Ti may be involved in the European Supply Chain Day.


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