Friday Afternoon with February’s Best Bits

February might be shorter than the other months but for us at Ti – and I’m sure for you too – it’s no less busy.  We managed to get a lot done in those few short weeks, and there’s lots to be excited about over the coming weeks too. But while we look forward to all the things we have planned for you in March and beyond, here’s a look back at everything you helped make great in February.

Ti’s Logistics Briefing brings you news on the latest industry developments from across the globe. Sign up to the free service here and you’ll receive coverage of the latest logistics industry developments with commentary from Ti’s team of industry analysts. Each week, Ti publishes a briefing focussed on global developments as well as briefings covering the latest happenings in the Americas and across the Asia Pacific region.

In February, news that TNT had decided to keep its Brazilian business was our most read brief. After that though, the focus of the Logistics Briefing subscribers switched to the Middle East. The month’s second most popular briefing covered the rather unusual arrangements at Dubai’s two airports, while close behind in third place came a briefing from Ti’s CEO John Manners-Bell which asked whether the Middle East could support any more logistics hubs.

In fact, we here at Ti seem to be closely mirroring our reader’s interests in the MENA region – preparation of the upcoming Middle East and North Africa Transport & Logistics report is in full swing with lead author, Ti’s Senior Analyst, Thomas Cullen, and the research team working away at full speed. More information on that report can be found here. Logistics throughout the MENA region, and in many other developing regions, will of course also be one of the many subjects covered at Ti’s Emerging Markets Logistics Conference to be held in Dubai this June. You can find out more about the conference here, or by visiting the brand new Ti conference website.

It was, though, a different range of subjects that proved popular here on The Ti Blog in February. Our review of the economic performance of the world’s regions – a (so far) three part series – has been read a not insignificant amount of times. Also popular was this post covering the news that the United States Postal Service is again in a spot of bother following its first quarter results. This post on smartphones, semiconductors and supply chains also went down quite well.

Elsewhere at Ti, we published two whitepapers during the month – one looking at the effects of a growing global economy on the logistics industry and one looking at the potential of robotics and automation within logistics. You can find both by following this link.

Overall, quite a busy month for the shortest one we get.

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