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Earlier today, our CEO, John Manners-Bell posted a blog focussing in on the logistics potential of Iran.

Of all the countries in the Middle East, this is perhaps not the one that many would immediately think of first when discussing the region’s logistics potential. However, within the blog John explores the present negotiations over lifting sanctions on Iran, as well as utilising research from Ti’s imminent MENA report, to highlight the potential available should the international community change its attitude towards the country.

The information he obtained from the upcoming report was just one of the 16 country profiles included. Each profile within our soon-to-be-published Middle East and North Africa Transport and Logistics report, highlights the merits (or lack of!) of these countries, exploring the potential that is already in place as well as plans, either projected or underway, that could affect the logistics markets of the country.

Did I mention that Ti will very soon be publishing the Middle East and North Africa Transport and Logistics 2014 report?

Country profiles make up just one section of the report; there is plenty more to sink your teeth into with regional logistics market sizings, 39 logistics provider profiles as well as exploration and insight into the infrastructure of the region and vertical sectors present such as the oil and gas, LNG, automotive, FMCG and others.

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Whilst there has been a definite trend in the blogs I personally have posted (MENA – a region with logistics potential? MENA Transport and Logistics – Progress Report, A Ti take on MENA), as highlighted by my colleague Nick in his blog post last week, this is just one of many topics we focus on. So I invite you to explore the rest of our posts and share your thoughts on our topics of choice.

Thank you for reading!

One more thing before I sign off – many of these topics will be discussed in our Emerging Markets Logistics Conference to be held in Dubai on 4th/5th June. For further information visit:


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