Out now! Middle East and North Africa Transport and Logistics 2014

You have no doubt tired of my constant reminders that Ti’s MENA report was on its way but at last I can let you all know that Ti’s Middle East and North Africa Transport and Logistics 2014 report has been published and is available for purchase!!

BANNER AD - MENAPlease do take a look through our brochure for a taster of what has been included, or review some of my older blogs or the reports’ infographics to learn more about how the report has been built as well as further insight into the content.

From the beginning we highlighted the difficulties of analysing the region as a whole. As stated in our brochure: ‘From Dubai to Beirut, Saudi Arabia to Tunisia, Syria to Oman- the Middle East and North Africa region is both dynamic and volatile. However, for those in a position to exploit them the advantages of the region could be significant.’

For that reason, throughout the report we have utilised a unique framework which divides the region in to three ‘zones’; Growth, Money and War. Each category is explored and highlights what opportunities for development exist and what barriers against success still remain.

As well as using this method to tie the analysis within the report together, the report includes analysis of individual countries within the region as well as regional logistics market sizings. Included within this is exploration and insight into the infrastructure of the region as well as vertical sectors analysis such as for oil and gas, LNG, automotive, FMCG and others. In addition we have constructed profiles of a mixture of international and local logistics providers active within the region.

Topics covered within the report, along with many others of importance to the region, will be part of the discussions at Ti’s upcoming Emerging Markets Logistics Conference in Dubai (4th-5th June 2014). Further information on this can be found on the Ti Conferences website. Alternatively, contact Sarah Smith (Head of Marketing and Events) ssmith@transportintelligence.com.

Of course, as you will see from this infographic, just because one report has been published does not mean that we have time for a break – we have many others scheduled for publication this year, the next one scheduled being Global Healthcare Logistics 2014, followed shortly by our Global Express report.

For updates on these reports, please follow our blog as well as our Senior Analyst’s Cathy Roberson’s blog, alternatively sign up to our free logistics briefing or follow us on Twitter! In addition, please feel free to take a look through our report catalogue and see which markets and regions we have written about in the past.


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