The Highly Lucrative and Highly Complicated

The Pharmaceutical supply chain is often (rightly) viewed as one of the most complicated of all logistics processes- the need for stringent security, infallible temperature control and an endless list of cross border regulations to adhere to also make it quite the time consuming undertaking.

The Middle East region in particular poses its own set of logistical challenges for those providers looking for their role in this highly lucrative market. With a notorious climate which some may be tempted to refer to as ‘warm’, strict customs controls, allegations of corruption and ever-present security fears, the Middle East requires a level of special consideration, planning and investment above and beyond the more mature markets of highly developed regions.

Of course, the ultimate payoff for persevering would seem to outweigh the tediousness of the planning stage. However, when small problems or issues occur within this large and complicated web of supply chain planning, the overall results can be catastrophic.

Imagine a power cut in a temperature controlled warehouse full of product. The sheer number of fail-safes and investment of resources required to pre-empt this sort of disaster account for only a small part of overall supply chain planning yet neglecting this potential scenario would be disastrous.

However, despite what some would see as major obstacles to development, the exploitation of existing opportunities by some providers has ensured the pharmaceutical market in the Middle East continues to grow at pace. Driven by seemingly endless investment in infrastructure and rapidly expanding population centres, it has been suggested the pharmaceutical market in the Middle East can grow an average 10-15% per annum. A growth which many believe will continue at pace. It is clear that there are opportunities in this market for those who are willing and able to overcome the myriad of challenges in front of them. For those investors the payoff could be substantial.

Transport Intelligence will be running a session on the challenges and opportunities available in this area at the upcoming Emerging Markets Conference to be held in Dubai (4th and 5th of June 2014). To find out more about this session and others planned for this event please see the dedicated Ti Conferences website: or contact Sarah Smith, Head of Events, directly who will be happy to assist. E:

In addition, Transport Intelligence will be publishing a report on Global Healthcare Logistics next month which will feature information and analysis vital for anyone involved or interested in this market. For more information please contact Leon Morris, Business Development Director, E:


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