Transport Intelligence Career Development and Opportunities

As mentioned in my earlier blog, Ti is pleased to be a media partner for the first-ever European Supply Chain Day. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the value of logistics and supply chain activities in our everyday lives as well as highlighting the career opportunities that exist within the logistics industry.

For that reason, from today through to April 10th (European Supply Chain Day itself), Ti will be posting a series of blogs about the career paths of a number of our colleagues in the various departments within Ti… Today I’d like to introduce you to our ever expanding Research Department, but more specifically head of the department, Rob Walter!

Rob joined Ti in 2005 and has played an integral role in the continual development of Ti’s flagship product the Global Supply Chain Intelligence (GSCi) portal. The most important responsibility of his department is to update and maintain the quality of GSCi.

Many of the Research team members first joined the company as graduates and Rob has encouraged them to apply their individual skillsets to, not only the portal, but their personal development within Ti. For example one of our former researchers was recognised and fast-tracked to join our Consultancy department (he shall be posting an account of his experiences before April 10th).

Graduate entry is just one of many paths into the world of logistics – and whilst we are currently advertising for a new Research team member (contact by April 17th 2014 for more information on this opportunity) – there are many other paths into the industry. Rob’s journey is just one example that proves that logistics infiltrates every other industry.

Like many other people, Rob’s career began in retail. Rob worked for a number of major retailers in the UK and internationally, including various retail management roles within Marks and Spencer. Following this he undertook a European supply chain development and strategic consultancy role at Tibbett & Britten, prior to its acquisition by Exel. Although the companies have varied, his skillset offering has always centred around the management of teams and identifying, developing and meeting individuals training needs.

This may be a skillset that you either recognise within yourself or that you aspire to achieve. Either way, if you’re looking to change or even start your career, the opportunities available to you within the logistics industry could be more relevant than you think. If you’re concerned that you do not know enough about the logistics industry, then Ti’s free logistics briefing service could act as a useful learning tool, offering updates and analysis of events within the industry, giving you a varied back-catalogue of industry knowledge.

Over the coming weeks a number of my Ti colleagues will be posting more information about their career paths to highlight to you just how accessible the industry can be and the opportunities it can offer so please do keep an eye out for those.


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