A Different Kind of March Madness

If time really does fly when you’re having fun, then I’m happy to report that March was officially very good. We achieved a lot here at Ti – we published the Middle East & North Africa Transport & Logistics report and took some giant strides in the research and writing of our next report, Global Healthcare Logistics 2014. Planning and preparations for our upcoming conference, Emerging Markets Logistics taking place in Dubai on June 4th and 5th 2014, are taking shape too, and that’s not even mentioning the two whitepapers authored by Ti’s CEO John Manners-Bell. But rather than simply feeling quite happy with ourselves, we’d much rather share it all with you.

Reports that take an in-depth look at the global logistics industry are right at the core of what we do here at Ti. Whether it’s looking at operations in a region of the world, studying a sector of the logistics industry or helping you discover how logistics helps make a vertical sector tick, providing high level, detailed analysis from a team of experienced industry professionals is what sets Ti apart. That’s why, during March, we were very happy to bring you the Middle East & North Africa Transport & Logistics report. Taking a detailed look at the region, its markets and its potential, the report uses a unique framework to analyse the logistics sectors of a diverse set of countries. You can find out more here or by contacting Leon Morris at lmorris@transportintelligence.com

Interest in the MENA report helped to drive some of the month’s most popular posts right here on this blog, too. This infographic showing the region’s multimodal mega hubs was our most viewed post in March, followed closely by this post looking at the potential of e-commerce in the region. Another infographic, this time looking ahead to our next report, Global Healthcare Logistics 2014, was also well received.

As March came to an end and we moved in the second quarter of 2014, it was the final quarter of 2013 that mattered most to subscribers of our free Logistics Briefing service. At the start of the month major logistics providers from across the world were reporting their Q4 and 2013 full year results. DP DHL were the subject of the most read brief following the news that the company’s mail division was again leading the way. News that Kuehne + Nagel had increased profit and market share despite mediocre demand proved a popular story, as did a briefing from Ti’s Senior Analyst Thomas Cullen outlining CEVA’s latest attempts to turn its fortunes around. You can sign up to receive news and analysis of the latest developments in the global logistics industry here.

You can follow Ti on Twitter, @transportintell, and find us on LinkedIn at the Transport Intelligence Forum.


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