Out Now! Global Healthcare Logistics 2014!

I am pleased to inform you that Ti’s latest report, Global Healthcare Logistics 2014, is now available to purchase! For more information, or to download the brochure, click here.

Global Healthcare Logistics 2014 contains an analytical overview of the healthcare logistics industry including the cold chain, pharmaceutical, medical device and clinical trials segments. Within each segment analysis is also an examination of major regions – Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, South America and North America and Europe. The report concludes with profiles of logistics providers. For more information and to purchase, please contact Leon Morris, E: lmorris@transportintelligence.com.

In the lead up to the publication of this report, Cathy Roberson (Senior Analyst and main author of this report), Holly Francis (Sales & Marketing Executive) and I (Report Manager) have published a number of blogs (Vast and Varied Coverage, Exclusive Interview and, Highly Lucrative, Highly Complicated) and an infographic on the subject. Please do take a look at these for more information on the industry, Ti and the report specifically.

For information on the future publications of Ti, take a look at this infographic, sign up to our free Logistics Briefing service, follow our blog or follow us on Twitter (@transportintell).


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