What next for e-commerce?

Today was one of the rare occasion where I forked out the extra cash for next-day delivery. True to their word (and despite recent bad press), Yodel delivered.

In late 2014 Yodel were forced to cease operations temporarily to catch up with a back-log of parcels (Ti Brief 15/Dec/2014). The surge in demand was unprecedented following a seemingly overnight adoption of the US’ Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping trends by UK consumers.

I too partook in the craze although opted for the ‘click and collect’ option, rather than delivery. This in itself caused some confusion as I received conflicting update text messages from UK-based retailer Debenhams telling me my purchase would not be available that Saturday as anticipated, followed shortly by a message telling me it was available then and there. Fear not, all was resolved and I’ve collected my shopping.

From a consumer perspective, there are currently kinks in e-commerce solutions, perhaps in part due to the increasing ‘I want it now and I want it free’ mentality. From a logistics provider perspective however these kinks run a little deeper and can be partly attributed to a lag in technology uptake by the retailer, or indeed to flawed networks that limit distribution capabilities. No matter what perspective you take though, the expanding e-commerce market, subsequent globalisation and ever-increasing demands are continually being shaped by ‘the next big thing’…

In your opinion, which developments have shaped how you shop online and how you receive your goods?

Ti’s Global e-commerce Logistics 2015 report takes a look back at some of the predictions cast about the e-commerce, analyses the supply chain innovations we’re experiencing today as well highlighting what could lie ahead for both retailers, logistics providers and consumers.

To learn more and register your interest in this report, email Michael at mclover@transportintelligence.com


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