International Women’s Day and the Logistics Industry

Why is it that still, in 2016, when I’ve mentioned to people “Today is International Women’s Day”, some responded with, “Well, when’s International Men’s Day then??”

For those who don’t know, International Men’s Day is on the 19th November. The BBC published a guide on the subject last year.

As I mentioned earlier though, today (08/03/2016) is International Women’s Day. For more background on the day, what it is, why it should be celebrated, as well as some statistics, I’ve gathered some coverage for you to peruse at your own leisure:

I am fortunate to have grown up in an environment where I have been encouraged to be who I want to be, to aspire for any level of education, any career, any relationship and, so far, I’ve encountered few hurdles. Indeed, following university I joined Ti as a Researcher and have progressed in my career to become Head of Research. However, despite my own relative ease with career development in the logistics industry, and despite the fact that within Ti itself we are a balanced and skilled team with an almost 50/50 split of female and male professionals, we operate in an industry where myself, and my female peers find ourselves outnumbered.

In late 2015, Everywoman, a learning and development platform for women in business and female entrepreneurs, hosted an event focused on ‘Advancing women in Transport & Logistics’. In an article published in the lead up to this they stated that current estimates put the number of women working in the industry at between 20 and 24%, but explained that this is heavily swayed by niche sectors. They also stated that the Office of National Statistics had reported that of the 155,000 senior managers and directors leading the industry forward, 15% are female.

So why is it that there is such disparity between gender representation in the transport and logistics industry? One argument could be down to education and awareness of the variety or careers and the opportunities that are available.

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) is once more running its European Supply Chain Day. Taking place on Thursday 21st April 2016, logistics-themed events will be held across Europe to raise awareness of the logistics and supply chain profession. Indeed, Kevin Richardson FCILT Chief Executive, CILT (UK) says: “European Supply Chain Day aims to raise awareness within the broader population of the value of logistics and supply chain activities in our everyday lives.”

Ti will be supporting this initiative for the second time, having previously published blogs around the various career paths into the research and consultancy side of the transport and logistics industry.

Keep an eye out on the blog, on our Twitter accounts, LinkedIn page and on our free Logistics Briefing for updates on how Ti will be involved in promoting awareness of career opportunities that are available to all in the logistics industry.


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