Day one at Ti’s Future of Logistics conference…

Let me set the scene, it’s 9am on 07/06/16, the tables are set in the ballroom of the Intercontinental Hotel in London, the stage is also set with podium to the left of it and seats ready for panellists on the right. As our conference attendees arrive, the first thing they see is the Ti logo projected onto the wall of the curved stairway leading to the reception area. They are then greeted by Ti team members, given their name badges and invited to enjoy a morning beverage of their choice. Time flies as everybody mingles and it’s soon 10am. The conference guests take their seats and Ti’s CEO, John Manners-Bell, stands at the podium ready to open the conference…

For a convenient round-up of the Twitter activity around #TiLondon16, click here. In addition, over the next few days, Ti will be posting blogs and briefs around each of the sessions from both days of Ti’s Future of Logistics conference which will be available via our free Logistics Briefing service. In the meantime, please find some sneak peaks from the first day to whet your appetite.

The Power of Disruptive Technology

Key takeaway: An open, collaborative approach is needed to overcome the challenges facing the logistics industry, and an uninterrupted flow of data from start to finish is critical to making that happen.

Urbanisation and City Logistics

Key takeaway: The demands placed on LSPs by the consumer are increasingly overlapping with retail, “Logistics is the new retail” according to panellist Peter Ward, Chief Executive UKWA.

E-retail, Smart Transport and Last Mile Delivery

Key takeaway: It’s a bricks and clicks market. Last mile delivery can mean that stores are both distribution centres and fulfilment locations.

Ethics & Sustainability

Key takeaway: There are questions around who is responsible for sustainability and ethics in the supply chain: the consumers, the manufacturers, or the LSPs? Embedding sustainability and ethics into businesses should be both an external and internal process.

To receive the blogs and briefs around each of the sessions of the Future of Logistics conference, as well as the latest industry news, sign up to Ti’s free logistics briefing service.


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