The hurdles of Olympic logistics

With the long list of #RioProblems trending on Twitter as of late, do people appreciate the sheer scale of the logistical operation that is behind hosting an international event such as the Olympics?


International Women’s Day and the Logistics Industry

Why is it that still, in 2016, when I’ve mentioned to people “Today is International Women’s Day”, some responded with, “Well, when’s International Men’s Day then??” For those who don’t know, International Men’s Day is on the 19th November. The BBC published a guide on the subject last year. As I mentioned earlier though, today (08/03/2016) is International Women’s Day.…

IT in the Supply Chain – Digital Strategy or Strategy for the Digital Era?

As the presentations and discussions progressed at EFT’s 17th CIO Forum (Amsterdam, 16th-17th February), a recurring question on the nature of supply chain operations emerged – What, in 2016, does IT mean to supply chains? The two days of conversation left the distinct impression that the logistics industry is entering a phase of seismic change…